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FESDR is your transportation and logistics talent advisors

About us

Operating out of the Memphis, Tennessee Area, headquartered at a major epicenter of this nation’s ground, rail, air, water transportation and logistics activity, the business, transportation and logistics recruiters at Fidelity collaborate with decision makers across the country, implementing the retain search and contract staffing solutions essential to keeping your business at the peak of productivity.

Fidelity is also the premier source for members of nonprofits, churches and other community organizations. For a fee corresponding to the size of your organization, we engage your members or congregation in a forum setting, address the unemployed, underemployed and transitionally employed—providing access to alternate employment options we have available.

Our Leadership

With a background including 25 years of success in business finance, underwriting, business development, security, transportation and logistics, The team operates under a simple philosophy—make money by providing good service. The executive team has traveled many markets, managing businesses and taking them to the next level of growth. Among business, transportation and logistics recruiters, we stand as one of the most experienced, possessing one of the deepest wells of industry knowledge this space has to offer.

Susan Black

Talent Advisor

A network built on success

As an MRI independent member, FESDR harnesses the power of a worldwide network to meet your most challenging hiring needs.